Workflow is a podcast presented by Imagen, about saving you time and money in your photography business. Hear from people just like you. Put the camera down for a little, connect the headphones, and get to work with Workflows. 

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Workflows with Susan Stripling

In this episode, Scott speaks with world-renowned wedding and portrait photographer, Susan Stripling, about her photographic and photography business workflows.

Workflows with Igor Demba

In this episode, Scott speaks with destination wedding photographer, Igor Demba, about his photographic and photography business workflows.

Photographing Difficult Times with Jacqueline Dersjant

In this special episode of Workflows, we speak with funeral and end-of-life photographer Jacqueline Dersjant about her transition from weddings to this very niche styl...

Workflows with Mike Morby

We speak with wedding photographer, Mike Morby, about his workflows, and he shares incredible takeaways and ideas.

Workflows with Carolina Guzik

We speak with wedding and family photographer, Carolina Guzik, about her workflows and she shares incredible takeaways.

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