Imagen was founded when Yoav, our co-founder, got married. He didn’t understand why he needed to wait months for his wedding photos. Working with his photographer, we began to understand the pain of editing. A lot of the time, the editing process is underestimated by customers, and waiting for such a long time can damage their customer experience. We understood that photographers are looking to automate the editing process while keeping their personal, unique editing style, and without losing control over the editing process. We realized that personalized AI is the answer.

As a company dedicated to saving you time and money in your photography business, it makes sense to enhance and expand the conversation to all things workflow.

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My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and I am your host of Workflows. As a photographer and content creator who struggles with dyslexia, color blindness, introversion, and anxiety stemming from years of being bullied as a child, workflows have been my rock. I have workflows for every aspect of my life. That’s why I am so happy to bring you workflows, a podcast presented by Imagen.

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