Workflows Photography Podcast, Season 2 Wrap

Get ready to wrap up Season 2 of the Workflows Photography Podcast with host Scott Wyden Kivowitz and an incredible lineup of guests. Discover the best photography workflows, tips, and insights from industry professionals in this episode.

  • (00:00) - Introduction and Season Wrap-up
  • (01:34) - Workflow and Client Management
  • (01:54) - The Art of Packaging and Presentation
  • (02:28) - Data Managem ent and Backup
  • (02:44) - Comparing Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs
  • (03:24) - The Journey of Self-Taught Photographers
  • (04:04) - Booking Process and Client Communication
  • (05:04) - The Importance of Technology in Photography
  • (05:41) - Pricing and Booking Strategies
  • (06:27) - Learning from Mistakes
  • (07:04) - Client Expectations and Surprises
  • (07:39) - Color Calibration and Editing
  • (08:39) - Off Camera Flash and Confidence Building
  • (09:00) - The Creative Process and Self-Criticism

In this season two bonus episode, Scott Wyden Kivowitz shares some of his favorite clips by a star-studded cast of guests including Dawn Richardson, Andre Brown, Taylor Jackson, Braulio Rocha, Susan Stripling, Bill Stank, Michael Anthony, Fer Juaristi, Nicole Ashley, Frederick Van Johnson, Seshu Badrinath, Ashley Jean, and Lindsay Coulter. They share their personal experiences, tips, and strategies for improving workflows, organizing clients, post-processing images, and incorporating technology into the photography business.

Tune in to this season two of the Workflows Photography Podcast to gain valuable insights and inspiration for enhancing your photography workflows. Don't miss out on the expertise of these industry-leading professionals.

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Workflows Photography Podcast, Season 2 Wrap
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